10/4 Class Wrap-up

Hi Everyone,

Thank you all for a good conversation today in class!

These were the questions that we considered in class:

  • What are the challenges of decolonization?
  • What are the challenges in the theatre?
  • How would you define ethnicity? 
  • How does religion play into ethnicity?
  • What role does language play in community building?
  • What is the effect of losing a language or tradition?

We didn’t really discuss the ethnicity questions, but keep them in mind for the next few weeks.

As a reminder: Please let me know which Postcolonial playwright you want to do your next Gathering Knowledge post about. (Check last week’s wrap up for the options)

Remember to email me some paper topics that you are thinking about so that I can help guide you in your project. You may want to think about using your topic as the base for one of your other individual gathering knowledge posts. Remember that you have 5 total – 1/2 group posts are done and this is the first individual for most of you.

For this next week’s readings, all fo the materials are on one page with one response. Have a good long weekend.