Ariel Dorfman

Ariel Dorfman is a jack of trade in the field of written work. His full name being Vladrimiro Ariel Dorfman, born in Argentina 1942, Dorfman life is anything but uneventful. From being forced out of the United States to being exiled from Chile, Dorfman wrote plenty to share stories.

He wrote plays, operas, musicals, poems, fiction works, journalism, and essay.

Early Life

While Dorfman was born in Argentina, he was raised in the United States for the first 10 years of his life. Due to the anti-communist panic Dorfman and his family moved out to Chile and didnt leave until later on in his life. During his time in Chile Dorfman started to become an activist, surrounded by the Allende revolution and being apart of the resistance. As the revolution fell through, Dorfman was exiled out of Chile, traveling until he came back to the United States.

Well Known Works

As the musical Hamilton said, Dorfman wrote “nonstop”. During his time in Chile, Dorfman started to use his writing to express his activism as he started to write critiques while being the cultural advisor to President Salvador Allende. Some of his known critiques are North American Cultural Imperialism and How to Read Donald Duck. Later on, as he was excited out of Chile he made his way to the United States as he continued in his stride. He later writes on the topic of being an exile with the trials and tribulations that he was surrounded by while living in Chile, and bringing these experiences to people that wouldn’t understand the extent of these “trails” when people were being tortured. Using plays and stories as some of the methods.

This story had taken people by a storm about trauma, morals, and history. Hitting a nail on the possibly of this is what people have gone through. Those who wish to have not been put in these positions and horrors. The details of what happened but leaving enough to the mind to create its version of Paulina’s past could be what really impacted people to this play, or lack thereof.

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