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What is the Grand Guignol

When it comes to the gran Guignol. This horror theater plays a high part in my paper topic. What I’m going to do is give a little insight into what it is and why I’ve chosen this topic. Well, one of the main reasons I’ve chosen a paper on horror is due to my fascination with horror. I like being scared I enjoy the rush it gives when trying to anticipate the night scare.

The Grand Guignol has mastered this technique of their time what was to be considered scary. I defined it as pretty gruesome in also comparison to the saw movies. In my knowledge with scary movies, sounds, lighting, and great make-up artist have created ways to invoke, what we call endorphins to make up scared. While the Grand Guignol used blood splattering on the audience members, head rolling, and vulgar scenes. Which made people faith in the aisle.

In the video

the key points the video I’ve entered above is exactly what they mention:

  • The Grand Guignol has been around for over 60 years
  • the Grand Guignol began horror theater in the year 1915
  • André de lorde was considered the prince of terror due to his unhealthy intrest since a child of suffering
  • He enjoyed listening to his fathers patiences scrming from behind the door
  • due to his obsseion this lead to the creation of this play that made people flea from the theater